Faculty Support

Faculty Support

Data Science Community Events

Coffee Connections

TAMIDS’s Data Science Coffee Connections program facilitates cross-departmental interactions among Texas A&M researchers interested in Data Science. Through this program, TAMIDS provides a platform that each month randomly pairs participants, who can then arrange a 30-minute meeting to exchange ideas. It’s entirely up to you where you take your conversation.


The Bring-Your-Own-Data (BYOD) Online Consultancy program helps researchers formulate approaches to their data science research projects and assists with code development to take advantage of the latest data analytics methods and high-performance computing facilities. The structure is flexible, personalized, and free.

Featured Programs

Data Science Course Development Grant Program

In association with the Texas A&M Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the TAMIDS Course Development Grant Program solicits proposals for enhancing data science education at Texas A&M through for-credit courses for graduate and/or undergraduate TAMU students and similar components within summer programs or for broader outreach. This program supports faculty in developing new courses in data science (including artificial intelligence and machine learning within the program scope) or revamping existing courses to include data science components.

The 2024 deadline is March 4, 2024.

Early Career Collaboration Program

TAMIDSinvites proposals for two-year projects to expand research collaboration with TAMIDS Thematic Labs and support individuals interested in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. Award teams will receive up to $40,000 for two-year projects to support engagement with TAMIDS research activities, programs, or its broader mission. The program is open to full-time faculty and PI-eligible researchers with administrative locations in Texas A&M University (including the Galveston and Qatar campuses), TEES, TEEX, AgriLife Research, AgriLife Extension, or TTI.

The 2024 deadline is March 25, 2024.

Visiting Researcher Program

TAMIDS’s Visiting Researcher Program solicits nominations by prospective TAMU hosts for external researchers to engage with activities in TAMIDS and the wider Texas A&M data science community. Visitors will normally hold full-time positions in their home institution that provide full or partial salary support to the visitor for the duration of their long-term, full-time visit to Texas A&M through Faculty Development Leave, sabbatical leave, or equivalent programs. TAMIDS provides additional financial support to the visitor through a stipend including a cost-of-living allowance and, in some cases, partial salary support.

Collaboration and Proposal Support

TAMIDS is dedicated to supporting research and education collaborations and providing the “building blocks” for the Data Science ecosystem to support proposals for extramural funding.

Data Science Workshop Development Grants

TAMIDS solicits proposals for one-day workshops in any area of data science. The aim of the Workshop Grants Program is to support community building, stimulate collaboration, and foster interdisciplinary growth in data science amongst Texas A&M researchers. TAMIDS provides financial and logistical support for accepted workshop proposals.

More Options

Other Faculty Support Programs

Data Science Career Initiation Fellows

Replaced by the Early Career Collaboration Program

TAMIDS invites nominations of early career faculty for the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science Career Initiation Fellow program. Candidate Fellows must propose engagements with TAMIDS activities, programs, or its broader mission to lead and support the growth of Data Science research, education, service, and outreach at Texas A&M.

Data Science Traineeship Program

The Data Science Traineeship Program helps faculty and researchers develop data science projects that draw on the skills and interests of students and provide data science consultancy and mentorship during the projects. One of TAMIDS’s main priorities is to lead and promote the education of a new generation of researchers who combine their disciplinary competencies with data science expertise. The program aims to involve faculty throughout Texas A&M to help solve challenging data science problems while preparing our students for their future career success.