Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Master of Science in Data Science

The Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) degree is an on-campus interdisciplinary program offered by the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics within the University’s Colleges of Engineering and Arts and Science, and administered jointly with the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science.

Data Analytics for Petroleum IndustryπŸ——

Undergraduate Certificate

The Data Analytics for Petroleum Industry Certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate that trains undergraduate students at Texas A&M University to become more competitive in the job market of the petroleum industry. Students will receive an education in concepts, computation, and case-based learning to prepare them for data analytics and machine learning careers.

Data Science Scholarships

The Master of Science in Data Science has scholarships available to students admitted to the program. The $1,000 scholarship qualifies awardees for an instate tuition waiver in their first year. Scholarship recipients will be assessed based on their MSDS program application materials.

Other Data Science Related Certificates and Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Data EngineeringπŸ——

The Data Engineering program in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering trains students in data handling, manipulation, mining, visualization and storage methods that lead to optimal information and knowledge extraction to facilitate decision-making in complex systems.

Data EngineeringπŸ—— Undergraudate Certificate: This certificate equips students with fundamental and advanced technical skills for data-driven decision-making.

Mays Buisiness School Certificates

Data ManagementπŸ—— Graduate Certificate: This certificate focuses on utilizing data as the foundation for making better organizational decisions. This certificate provides the background to properly capture, manage, and analyze the data in order for that data to yield a strategic advantage for an organization.

Business Intelligence and AnalyticsπŸ—— Graduate Certificate: This certificate is for students with an inquisitive interest in databases, data cultivation, and extracting hidden information.

Applied StatisticsπŸ——

Graduate Certificate

The Department of Statistics‘s Applied Statistics Certificate is designed to provide graduate students in disciplines other than statistics and professionals in the workforce with basic knowledge in statistics which will provide them with the training to design experiments, properly collect data, and finally to apply the appropriate models and procedures to summarize data, test hypotheses, and build forecasting models.

Data Center Operations EngineeringπŸ——

Undergraduate Certificate

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering‘s certificate in Data Center Operations Engineering provides an integrated education preparing a new workforce for the specific challenges involved in planning and decision-making for running the operations, designing the infrastructure, and managing the resources in large-scale data centers.