Student Data Science Competitions

TAMIDS Annual Student Data Challenge

Each year, we hold a month long data science competition open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Texas A&M. With thousands of dollars in prizes and a new topic each competition, you will find plenty of reasons to come back each year.

Impact of Sea Level Rise

Coastal communities are facing dangerous sea level rise!

Wildfire Challenge

Wildfires can happen at any time or anywhere; how can we combat them?

TAMU Bibliometric Data

Exploring the networks and impact of Texas A&M’s research.

Money in US Presidential Elections

The key idea of democracy is that every citizen should have input, via a vote, as to who is elected.

Flight Performance Data

Use data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics to develop performance measures for airlines.

LA Metro Bike Share

Examine a dataset detailing over 600,000 bicycle commuter trips in Los Angeles, CA.

TAMIDS Sponsored Competitions

We sponsor competitions hosted by other organizations. If you are looking for TAMIDS to sponsor or collaborate on your competition, please contact Drew Casey, TAMIDS Assistant Director for Program Engagement.

TAMU Datathon

TAMU Datathon is an annual, student-led competition that connects the top talent in DS/ML with top companies, lowers the bar to entry into DS/ML, and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.


tidalTAMU is a student organization that hosts hackathons and seminars related to AI.