MS in Data Science Capstone


Data Science Capstone Sponsorship

Data Science Capstone projects run within the academic setting of the Master of Science in Data Science and other Graduate programs.  The aim of the Data Science Capstone is to complement students’ knowledge of Data Science methods and technologies through the practice of its application to research problems in Data Science domains. It is intended to facilitate student learning by gaining experience working with real-world data and interacting with sponsoring Data Science application researchers. This provides a pathway for students to develop a track record for applied Data Science and gain insights in potential future opportunities. In turn, sponsors can benefit from the application of Data Science methods for problem solving and to develop relationships with students and faculty throughout the project.


  • July: Summary & Data Submission
  • August: Student Project Selection
  • August-November: Projects Underway
  • December: Final Project Presentation/Report

Sponsor Objective/ROI

  • Designate Project
  • Liasion & Mentor for Student Questions
  • Innovative Approach to Your Industry
  • Brand Awareness for Your Company
  • Potentially Earn More Revenue
  • Work More Efficiently

Program Membership

  • Please contact Nick Duffield, TAMIDS Director, to for information about becoming a sponsor