TAMIDS Industry Affiliate Program


The Industry Affiliate Program of the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMIDS) connects member organizations with Texas A&M students who will form the next generation of leaders and innovators in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. TAMIDS has established a network of relationships with over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are annually active or supported in TAMIDS programs or attend TAMIDS events. TAMIDS connects with students through: 

  • For-Credit Education: programs and courses that TAMIDS administers jointly with academic units, including the Masters of Science in Data Science, the Data Science Capstone, and the Interdisciplinary Data Analytics Practicum.
  • Training: through workshops, short courses, bootcamps, and credentialing programs.
  • Mentoring: Student Ambassadors for Data Science literacy.
  • Hackathons: and the annual Student Data Science Competition.
  • Sponsoring: Texas A&M student organizations for Data Science, including those for underserved students.
  • Research: conducted by students under the guidance of faculty in the six TAMIDS Thematic Data Science Labs.

Industry Affiliates build on the TAMIDS network to strengthen their recruiting programs through Student Engagement, Recruitment Logistics, Brand Recognition and R&D Engagement, detailed in the table below. Members select tiered membership at the Gold, Silver, Bronze level according to their needs. Some benefits are also available at no cost to Community Organizations & Local Government affiliates.

Students benefit from the program through increased awareness of industry technology and careers, connection with industry recruiters, scholarships and travel awards, support for student programs, organizations & events, and broadening participation in Data Science.

Benefits by Affiliate Membership Level

Annual Cost$20,000$10,000$5,000No Cost
Data Science Student ShowcaseKeynote Speaker, private meeting spaceSpeaker, open meeting spaceAttend, Open meeting spaceAttend
Hackathon Technical SponsorshipYesYesNoNo
Deliver Student Talk or Tutorial2 events1 event1 eventUpon availability
Company Trip OpportunityYes, priorityYes, priorityYesYes
Student Resume AccessYesYesYesYes
Job Posting DistributionFeatured email and webEmail and webWebWeb
Named Graduate Scholarships & Travel Awards4210
Named Event Sponsorship Credit2110
Web PresenceYes & featured narrativeYes & descriptionYesYes
Faculty LiaisonUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon request

Data Science Student Showcase

(Starting 2023-24 Academic Year). Senior undergraduate and graduate students from Data Science and related programs across Texas A&M present posters on their research at this full day-event held annually. Affiliates engage directly with students to learn about their projects, with further benefits according to affiliate level:

  • Presence: affiliates are allocated open space for display and meeting (Bronze, Silver, Gold), with an additional private meeting room (Gold).
  • Talks: give short talk in the affiliate presentation session (Silver) or featured as an opening keynote (Gold)
  • Early Access Award Judge: receive advance electronic distribution of posters, serve as a judge for the best poster awards, and take part in the award presentations in the opening session (Gold).  

Hackathon Technical Sponsorship

Hackathons are an efficient way to engage students with exploration of your company data, typically in a 1 day coding thrust held during the academic year. Each hackathon showcases an affiliate sponsor who sets the challenge problem and provides the accompanying data. Affiliate representatives join with TAMIDS faculty in the judging team and present the hackathon awards. (Silver and Gold)

Deliver Student Talk or Tutorial

Affiliates raise students’ awareness of their career pathways and technology in a one-hour talk. In tutorials of up to two hours duration, affiliates provide deeper technical knowledge and skills development which can include hand-on experience with affiliates data and software products. TAMIDS promotes the event to relevant student communities. (Gold: 2 events annually; Silver & Bronze: 1 event annually).

Company Visit Opportunity

Company visits enable students to get first-hand experience of the affiliate environment. TAMIDS staff will help in planning availability around the academic calendar and promoting a successful event. (Silver and Gold receive priority for scheduling)

Student Resume Access

(Starting 2023-24 Academic Year). TAMIDS maintains a database of resumes submitted by students from across its network, including both those enrolled in or graduating from MS in Data Science and other relevant programs at Texas A&M, and non-Texas A&M individuals who have completed professional training courses with TAMIDS. All affiliate members have access to the resume database.

Job Posting Distribution

TAMIDS disseminates job postings from all affiliates to its student community through its website. Depending on affiliate level, jobs are also listed in email distributions (Silver), and highlighted as features in web and email distribution (Gold).

Named Graduate Scholarships & Travel Awards

Scholarships for the MS in Data Science ($1,000 annually) & TAMIDS Data Science Ambassadors ($2,000 annually) are powerful enablers for student participation, qualifying awardees for the Non-resident Tuition Waiver for Competitive Scholarship Recipients. Travel Grants ($500) support graduate students working in any domain of Data Science to speak at conferences or conduct research visits. Each scholarship or award bears the name of an affiliate member (Gold: 4 annually; Silver: 2 annually; Bronze: 1 annually).

Named Event Sponsorship Credit

TAMIDS staff to work with your organization to match your sponsorship to events organized under our student and faculty support programs, including short courses, workshops, bootcamps, Data Science literacy and outreach, and seminars and research talks. Affiliates receive name and logo recognition in pre-event web and email publicity and at the event itself. Gold members can sponsor 2 events annually; Silver and Bronze members sponsor 1 event annually.  

Web Presence

All affiliates are listed with linked logos on TAMIDS affiliate membership page. Additional benefits are available depending on membership level: a short company description (Silver), which can be prominently positioned with a link to a featured company narrative (Gold).

Faculty Liaison

TAMIDS Research Affiliates are Texas A&M’s Data Science faculty and research experts, with over 200 members drawn from Texas A&M Colleges, Agencies, Centers, and Institutes.  TAMIDS can match industry affiliates with appropriate faculty experts to explore research, education and partnership opportunities in Data Science at Texas A&M. 

Gold Affiliate Members

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Bronze Affiliate Members

For information on becoming a member contact Dr. Nick Duffield, TAMIDS Director, duffieldng@tamu.edu.