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TAMIDS Visiting Researcher Program

The Visiting Researcher Program of the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMIDS) solicits nominations by prospective TAMU hosts for external researchers to engage with activities in TAMIDS and the wider TAMU Data Science community during long-term full-time visits. Visitors will normally hold full-time positions in their home institution that provides full or partial salary support to the visitor for the duration of their visit to Texas A&M, through Faculty Development Leave, sabbatical leave, or equivalent programs. TAMIDS will provide financial support to the visitor through a stipend including a cost-of-living allowance and in some cases partial salary support.

Eligibility: Host Organizations: a proposing host must hold a faculty appointment in Texas A&M University (including Galveston and Qatar campuses), TEES, TEEX, AgriLife Research, AgriLife Extension, or TTI. Multiple related submissions are discouraged, and hosts may submit only one proposal to the program. Visitors: Prospective visitors must hold a full-time position in a university, research laboratory, industry or similar organization, other than the eligible host organizations.

The program has two distinct tracks:

TAMU Visitor TrackAim: this track aims to support full-time visitors who will engage in Data Science collaborations with eligible faculty hosts. Duration: visits between 1 and 9 months. Support: TAMIDS will provide the visitor with a monthly stipend of a $1,000 cost-of-living allowance. Any required additional allowance must be met by the host organization. TAMU visitors will be provided with a shared office in TAMIDS in the Blocker building, subject to availability of space. Expectations: In addition to their host collaborations, visitors should interact with the TAMIDS Staff or Research Affiliates, for example, engaging in group discussions or sharing their research expertise via a tutorial series.

TAMIDS Collaborator Track: Aim: visits are structured as a three-way partnership between the visitor, the host, and TAMIDS, with the research direction within or closely related to TAMIDS research areas. Duration: between 4.5 and 9 months. Support: TAMIDS will provide the visitor with a monthly stipend comprising (i) a $2,000 cost-of-living allowance ($2,500 monthly for collaborators accompanied by family members) and (ii) up to 50% of the visitor’s base salary up to a maximum of $8,000 per month in place of reduced support from their home institution. TAMIDS Collaborators will be provided with a shared office in TAMIDS in the Blocker building. Host Support: TAMIDS will provide the host with a research stipend of $500 per month to support their participation in the collaboration. Expectations: TAMIDS Collaborators will be full-time visitors who work closely with TAMIDS and their local host on the proposed research project, with deliverables such as joint publications and grant proposals. 

Submission Deadline and Notification: Proposals will be accepted up to the deadline of October 31, 2022, and awards announced by December 9, 2022. All visits funded in this round should be completed by 8/31/2024.

Further Details and Application Procedures: can be found in the full solicitation

Contact Information: Prof. Simon Foucart,, TAMIDS Associate Director for External Academic Engagement

Link to full program solicitation