Welcome Back Mini Data Challenge

January 8, 2024 to January 19, 2024

This two-week data science competition aims to give participants a fun, short challenge to start the new semester. The competition supports a Texas A&M University researcher and is a great opportunity to stretch your data science skills to prepare for the new semester.

The Mini-Challenge — Visualizing bibliometric analysis in sport marketing research

Participants must create compelling and informative visualizations of the data to be included in a published research paper. The end result should be a series of graphics that combine different data points to inform readers about trends in the dataset. 

Background: This bibliometric analysis delves into the Sport Marketing Quarterly‘s entire article catalog, aiming to reveal trends, prolific contributors, and influential articles in sports marketing. Employing advanced bibliometric techniques, the study spans the publication’s history, quantitatively assessing publication patterns, citations, and thematic evolution. The comprehensive study identifies emerging themes, research shifts, and persistent interest in sports marketing, contributing to the ongoing dialogue and laying a foundation for future research.

Dataset: A comprehensive set of bibliometric indicators ranging from author affiliations to the theoretical frameworks included in the publications. The dataset contains 929 articles from 1992 to 2023; by 1,912 authors with 43,153 citations. 

Who Can Participate: The challenge is open to any current student at Texas A&M University, either as an individual or as part of a team. 

Prize: The winning team will receive a co-author credit on the finished journal article and a $50 gift certificate. Runners up will receive a $25 gift certificate. 

How to Participate: If you want to participate in the mini-challenge, click here to complete the registration form. You will receive an automatic email with the dataset and background information about what needs to be visualized. 

Email the lead researcher, Juliet Ball, if you have questions about the data, context, or visualization goals. 

Contact Information

Juliet M. Ball

Sport Management Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University