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TAMIDS SciML Lab Researcher Ming Zhong Promoted

Ming Zhong has been promoted to Assistant Research Scientist, effective March 1, 2022. Ming has worked for the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMIDS) since July 2021, as Postdoctoral Research Associate for the Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) Lab.

Dr. Zhong joined us from Johns Hopkins University, Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics. Dr. Zhong received his PhD in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Scientific Computing (AMSC) from the University of Maryland in 2016.

His research interests include Scientific Machine Learning, Inverse Problems, Numerical ODE/PDE, and Scientific Computing. His research develops new methods for solving PDE related forward and inverse problems using Deep Neural Networks and Gaussian Processes at the SciML lab.

In his new role, Ming will continue to support the SciML Lab while undertaking responsibility for growth in outreach beyond his current role, securing external research funding and acting as a consultant and ambassador for TAMIDS for Scientific Machine Learning.

Congratulations Ming!