TAMIDS 2021 Research Conference

Slides and Recordings

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Call for Participation

Goals and Scope:  To showcase the research that TAMIDS has supported through various programs, including the Thematic Labs, TAMIDS is holding a one-day research conference on Thursday Dec 9, 2021.  The conference features talks from the Thematic Labs in the morning and presentations from the Data Resource Development program and the Post-doc Project Program in the afternoon.

Workshop Format: The workshop is open to both in person and remote participation. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to registered in person participants.

The workshop is open to both in person and remote participation.

Conference Program: Please click here for the detailed conference program.

Registration: In-person registration is closed.


  • Dr. Raymundo Arroyave (MSEN)
  • Dr. Jack Baldauf (Interim VPR)
  • Dr. Ulisses Braga Neto (ECEN)
  • Dr. James Cai (VIBS)
  • Dr. Jian Cao (STAT)
  • Dr. Hee Cheol Chung (STAT)

  • Dr. Liang Ding (ISEN)
  • Dr. Nick Duffield (TAMIDS/ECEN)
  • Mr. Kexin Feng (CSCE)
  • Dr. Eduardo Gildin (PETE)
  • Dr. Ann McNamara (VIZ)
  • Dr. Yalong Pi (TAMIDS)
  • Dr. Lu Tang (COMM)
  • Dr. Jian Tao (VIZ)
  • Dr. Lifan Wang (PHYS)
  • Dr. Zhe Zhang (GEOG)
  • Mr. Ziyi Zhang (ECEN)
  • Dr. Lei Zou (GEOG)

Contact information: Dr. Yu Ding, Associate Director for Research Engagement, yuding@tamu.edu, or Ms. Jennifer South, TAMIDS,  jsouth@tamu.edu

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