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Fall 2021 Data Science Seminar Series: Chen Wang: Translational Bioinformatics: Go Deep and Go Broad – Working Examples in Deciphering Molecular Heterogeneity of Ovarian Cancer

September 20, 2021

1:50 pm - 2:40 pm

Online via Zoom. Meeting ID: 998 4499 3279. Passcode: 724615

Speaker: Chen Wang, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Faculty Host: :Xiaoning Quan, Texas A&M ECEN

Abstract: With exponentially growing amount of omics data (e.g. transcriptomics and genomics) for disease research, bioinformatics plays increasingly important roles to enable novel discoveries for better understanding biological mechanisms and transform clinical considerations for individualized treatments. In this talk, the speaker will go through one of his major research areas to decipher and understand molecular and cellular heterogeneity of ovarian cancer. The speaker will use focused computational studies and varieties of translational research applications, to demonstrate deep and broad scopes enabled by complex data-driven bioinformatics research.

Biography: Dr. Chen Wang had his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering, at University of Science and Technology of China. After he obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech, Dr. Wang joined Mayo Clinic in 2011 as a Research Associate in Department of Health Sciences Research. He was appointed in 2015 as Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics, and currently holds the academia rank of Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics since 2018. He has in total 105 peer-reviewed paper publications; he serves as primary authors (first- or last-authors) for 30 of them. He also has published 74 abstracts in different workshops and conferences. Dr. Wang has long-term research commitments in advancing cancer research through machine-learning and translational omics approaches. He has been actively working with The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) projects since 2012. In particular, Dr. Wang is the co-author of six pan-Cancer TCGA papers published in 2018, and serves as the corresponding author of the pan-cancer study of DNA Damage Repair, which has been chosen among the best papers of the 2018 Cell Reports. Dr. Wang currently serves as the Co-Director of the Biostatics and Bioinformatics Core for Mayo Clinic Hepatobiliary SPORE and Associate Director of Bioinformatics in Clinical Genome Sequencing Lab, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. You can find Dr. Wang’s Google Scholar Page here.

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