TAMIDS Graduate Travel Grants Program

The Texas A&M Institute of Data Science Graduate Travel Grants Program supports graduate students to attend and talk at conferences in any domain of Data Science. To be in scope for this grant, the work reported should involve an innovation in systems, methods or algorithms for data collection and management, modeling, analysis, or decision making, or the use of these for knowledge discovery in application domains.

Awards of up to $500 will be made under the program, depending on the overlap with the stated scope of support for the program. Preference will be given to students who give talks at the meetings attended, and for whom other sources of support are limited or unavailable. Each student may receive no more than one grant each academic year under the program. Applications by students from underserved groups are particularly welcome. Funds made available under this program will be transferred to the academic department of the graduate student for reimbursement purposes.

All travel supported by TAMIDS must conform to university travel policy. A statement of travel approval through Concur must be included in the funding request. Applications for travel grants should be submitted by the graduate student’s research advisor as a single pdf file to datasciencejobs@tamu.edu using the subject “Data Science Graduate Travel Grants”. The file should comprise the following items:

  1. Cover page, including
    1. Heading: “Data Science Graduate Travel Grants”
    2. Student name, UIN, department, email address
    3. Research advisor name, department, email address
    4. Conference name, location, and dates
    5. Title of talk (if applicable) and whether accepted at conference
    6. Estimated costs: total, broken out for registration, transportation, and subsistence
    7. Statement of any other travel funds available and whether applied for, e.g. departmental, advisor research sponsorship, or conference student travel grants program.
  2. Student resume
  3. Statement of support from research advisor, including how the reported work falls in the scope of Data Science by the criteria described above (400 words maximum)
  4. Statement of approval for travel request from generated from Concur

Applications will be reviewed competitively at the end of each month. A limited number of grants will be available each semester, depending on funding. Prospective applicants should check on availability before applying. Enquiries concerning this and other matters should be addressed to: Jennifer South, TAMIDS Administrative Coordinator, jsouth@tamu.edu.

Past Program Presentations

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