TAMIDS Collaboration and Proposal Support in Data Science

The Texas A&M Institute of Data Science has developed “building blocks” for the Data Science ecosystem that can support proposals for extramural funding. These components include:

  • Service and enablement: TAMIDS Staff Data Scientists acting as research collaborators and consultants. 
  • Course development: adapting Data Science educational and training materials developed by TAMIDS as components of innovative certificates, minors, and degree programs in foundational and application domains of Data Science.
  • Training development: incorporating proposed Data Science research products into training materials and systems for instructor-led and self-study education.
  • Training operations and outreach: Operating training courses in Data Science for students and faculty, including outreach for student participation and training of instructors from Minority Serving Institutions. 
  • Interdisciplinary community building: ranging from single PI to center-level proposals through workshops and seminars.

TAMIDS currently collaborates on educational components of the NSF funded project CC* Team: SWEETER–SouthWest Expertise in Expanding, Training, Education and Research, and is a collaborator on several proposals pending or in development.

TAMIDS supports several recent and ongoing education and training programs in Data Science that may be included in or adapted to other roles:

Texas A&M PIs who are interested in TAMIDS organizational collaboration on proposals should contact the Director, Dr. Nick Duffield, duffieldng@tamu.edu. A facilities document is available on request for inclusion in proposals.