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TAMIDS Data Science Traineeship Program

Link to TAMIDS Data Science Traineeship Program internal site (login with Texas A&M NetID required)


The Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMIDS) has established its Data Science Traineeship Program to help faculty and researchers develop Data Science projects, draw on the skills and interests of our students to work with them, and provide Data Science consultancy and mentorship during the projects. One of TAMIDS main priorities is to lead and promote the education of a new generation of researchers who combine their disciplinary competences with Data Science expertise. The program aims to involve faculty throughout Texas A&M to help solve challenging Data Science problems while preparing our students for their future career success.

Roles in the program

The TAMIDS Data Science Trainee program is currently open only to members of Texas A&M. We identify three roles – Project Leader, Trainee, and Consultant – in which people can be involved in the program with TAMIDS. 

Project Leaders: 

  • Propose Data Science projects; these are posted online
  • Match one or more interested trainees to the project and supervise their research
  • Help trainee to acquire domain knowledge needed to conduct the project
  • TAMU Role for Project Leaders: faculty (any type), research staff, post-doc or operations staff


  • Review project proposals and respond to proposals that interest them with suggested approaches
  • Participate in research project(s) to which they are matched, under supervision of project leader
  • Attend TAMIDS and HPRC training events on Data Science and computing if needed
  • Learn background domain knowledge needed to conduct their project(s)
  • TAMU Role for Trainees: undergraduate or graduate students


  • Assist Project Leaders with development of project proposals and trainee selection if requested
  • Provide trainee mentorship, project consultancy, and help with evaluation
  • TAMU Role for Consultants: faculty, research staff, post-doc, operations staff or graduate students

TAMIDS will support and sustain the Data Science Traineeship Program by (1) managing the program organization; (2) assuming a consultancy role to assist in developing project proposals and matching leaders and projects with trainees; (3) organizing Data Science workshops and training programs that trainees may attend; (4) helping with project computing and storage resources, and (5) helping integrate domain knowledge arising from projects into TAMIDS data science training materials.

Joining the TAMIDS Data Science Trainee Program

Prospective project leaders, consultants and trainees can register at the program website, where they can propose, view and signup for projects, according to their role. The TAMIDS Data Science Trainee program is currently open only to members of Texas A&M (login with Texas A&M NetID required).

Contact Information

For questions about the TAMIDS Data Science Traineeship Program, please contact Dr. Jian Tao,