TAMIDS Committees

TAMIDS Faculty Advisory Committee

Bani Mallick 
Department of Statistics
James CaverleeDepartment of Computer Science
Yu DingDepartment of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Boris HaninDepartment of Mathematics
Hye-Chung KumSchool of Public Health
Laura MandellDepartment of English and Center for Digital Humanities
Xiaoning QianDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Venky ShankarMays Business School
Alex ThomassonDepartment of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

MS Data Science Steering Committee

Nick Duffield (Chair)TAMIDS
Dilma Da SilvaComputer Science, College of Engineering
Andrea BonitoMathematics, College of Science
Jianhua HuangStatistics, College of Science
Narasimha ReddyElectrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
R. SaravananAtmospheric Sciences, College of Geosciences
Venky ShankarMays Business School
Costas Georghaides (Ex-officio)Division of Research

MS Data Science Curriculum Committee

Jianhua Huang (Chair)TAMIDS
Andrea BonitoMathematics
Nick DuffieldTAMIDS
Jiang HuElectrical and Computer Engineering
Samarin SinhaStatistics
Dezhen SongComputer Science